A former local inmate is now a prison tour guide


KNOXVILLE, TN (WATER) – Visit a Morgan County Jail for an almost too real experience.

The historic Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary became a prison and housed some of the nation’s most dangerous criminals, such as robbers, murderers, and more.

Since its closure about a decade ago, the prison still stands with its “history and stories” still roaming the halls, and one man knows them best.

In 1984, George Wyatt of Cumberland County found himself serving time in the Morgan County Jail.

His father, a Morgan County officer, dropped him off to begin his 20-year sentence, but was quickly released after 2 years for good behavior. He said goodbye thinking it would be the last time he would have to set foot in the prison, but a bigger goal arose.

Currently, he is now the lead tour guide at Brushy Mountain Jail, offering his own personal experiences and eyewitness knowledge to visitors from around the world. He even holds the key not only to the prison, but also to the exact cell he stayed in in the early 80s.

It doesn’t get any more authentic than that. He says it’s therapeutic to remind people to live their lives doing good and staying out of trouble.

For more information on daily tour times, visit their website.


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