A French woman marries an Indian tourist guide


They maintained their relationship at a distance.

A French woman’s wedding photos have gone viral after she married her guide, a man from Bihar.

Parisian businesswoman Mary Lori Heral visited India in 2015.

There she met Rakesh, a resident of Begusarai who was living in Delhi at the time. He worked as a tourist guide and showed Mary the sights of the city.

The couple got to know each other and stayed in touch after returning to Paris.

They continued to talk on the phone and during this time they confessed their love.

They maintained their relationship at a distance.

In 2018, Mary asked Rakesh to move to Paris and start a textile business with her.

He agreed and as they worked together they grew even closer and decided to get married.

According to Rakesh’s father, Ramchandra Sha, Mary was so impressed with Indian culture that she decided to travel to the country to get married there.

After seeking the consent of both families, Mary and Rakesh were married on November 21, 2021 in a traditional Hindu ceremony.

Members of Mary’s family, who traveled from France to attend the wedding, congratulated the newlyweds.

After getting married, the couple and guests danced to Hindi and Bhojpuri songs.

After hearing about the wedding, many locals attended the ceremony.

They now plan to stay in Bihar for a week.

According to Rakesh’s family, the Frenchwoman wanted to get married in a small town like Begusarai because she liked Bihari customs.

The two families worked together to organize the preparations for the wedding.

The newly married couple will stay in India for a week before returning to Paris to resume work in their textile business.

There have been many cases of long distance relationships turning into marriage in South Asia.

Previously, a 40-year-old American married a 27-year-old Pakistani TikToker.

The woman, named Daniel, is a resident of Washington DC.

She traveled to Rawalpindi to marry Afshan Raj, a TikToker.

Since his marriage, Daniel converted to the religion and changed his name to Hafsa Afshan.

Afshan explained that the woman liked and commented on one of his TikTok videos. This led to a conversation in the comments section.

He added: “I can’t believe I married Hafsa.”

Afsan went on to say that there was a noticeable age gap but it didn’t matter as she had given up everything to marry him.

He continued: “There is a big difference between Daniel and my age, but I consider myself lucky that a non-Muslim converted to Islam because of me.”

Hafsa explained that she loves Pakistani culture.

She added, “I really like oriental culture, clothes and mosques. Pakistan is a beautiful country.

“People here are very straightforward and hospitable.”


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