Access Forex, freshly approved by the RBZ, showed us around its booth ZITF2022


Earlier this week we reported that Access Forex had obtained the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) domestic recovery approval (city to city) remittances. During our trips to the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF2022), we had the chance to speak to Shingai J. Koti, Director of Marketing at Access Forex. She was also kind enough to show us around their booth at ZITF2022. Additionally, Access Forex launched its mobile app at ZITF2022 on iOS and Android.

You can check out the Access Forex booth at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF2022) with the player below. Alternatively, you can watch it directly on YouTube with the link here

For those who might be wondering, Access Forex charges 3% for domestic remittances and 8.5% for international money transfers. This puts them in and around what the rest of the competition charges on both fronts.

Fees for international money transfer services

Countries served Service charges in Zimbabwe Pick-up points
Discount EcoCash Cassava South Africa

(also works with Western Union Moneygram and World Remit for other territories)

1.7% (for Rand equivalent of 100 USD) Steward Bank and Econet shops
Senditoo UK £2.99 Branches BancABC, Pick’n’Pay BancABC, NMB, CABS, NBS
MoneyGram 33,000 locations worldwide Fees differ by region:

To send 100 USD from the United States to Zimbabwe, a fee of 4.99 USD applies.

The same transaction from the UK (GBP73.48) carries a charge of 2.99 GBP, or about 4.07 USD

FBC, POSB, ZimPost, CBZ, EcoBank, Stanbic Bank and more
Western Union Half a million agencies worldwide 6% CBZ, POSB, AgriBank and Agents (location links here)
Silver Shumba Botswana, Australia, UK and Canada none in Zimbabwe Shumba Money Newlands Branch
Uhuru Wallet South Africa, Zimbabwe There is no charge for sending tokens already purchased. However, deposits into a wallet to buy tokens incur a 5% fee of the sum and a 1% fee for withdrawals. Shop at Eastgate G11 Shopping Center
Mukuru Botswana Ghana
South Africa
ten% OK, POSB, MBCA Bank, Metro Peech, Ecobank, CBZ, MetBank, Orange Booths, NMB, Spar and more
Access Forex UK and South Africa 8.5% from South Africa to Zimbabwe

£2.90 plus daily rate from UK

ProFeeds, ZimPost branches nationwide, Access Forex branches
Hello Paisa 31 countries $5 fee to send $100 Lion Cash and Carry, BJ Service Station and more agents
Xoom (PayPal) Wherever PayPal operates Minimum $10 – $599 = $9.99

$600 – $999 = $12.99

$1,000 above $15.99

ZB Bank, Terra Payment Services
Global Mandate 130 countries Fees vary by location.

US$100 will cost someone in the US US$7.99 and the UK equivalent will be GBP 2.99

Steward Bank, CBZ, ZB Bank, POSB, NMB Bank, NBS
GetBucks, CABS
BancABC, Econet
mom money South Africa 5% Steward Bank, ZimPost, OK, Pick n Pay, Fidelity Life Centre, CBZ, EasyLink, POSB, Agribank and Ecobank

Fees for domestic money transfer services

Limit Costs Sending cost of 100 USD
BenchABC City Hopper $250 for non-BancABC customers
USD 500 for BancABC customers
3% $3.00
Access Forex 3% $3.00
Mukuru $1,000 7% $7.00
NBS InstaCash 3% $3.00
Mandate of the union representative 2% $2.00
Mojo Mula 5% $5.00
EcoCash discount 250 USD for unregistered users
500 USD for registered customers
variable link to fees here

Fast NetOne, Econet and Telecel airtime recharge


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