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Published on: Monday February 28, 2022

Airlines have much to celebrate with the arrival of 900 Kiwis from Australia on Monday and the news that self-isolation is to be lifted later this week for vaccinated New Zealanders traveling from the rest of the world.

The tourism industry also breathed a sigh of relief at the government’s announcement of easing border controls, but operators want to know when international visitors can return so they can plan.

Barnz, the New Zealand airlines council of representatives, said airlines would start building more regular services again, although it will take time.

The expected arrival of 900 Kiwis from Australia on Monday has put the entire aviation sector on a good footing, Barnz chief executive Justin Tighe-Umbers said.

But the news that self-isolation will be lifted at midnight Wednesday for Kiwis from Australia and midnight Friday for Kiwis from the rest of the world is making the sector even more optimistic that New Zealand will join. soon the rest of the world. and a permanent opening to international travellers.

Airlines will start building more regular services again, but obviously that will take time. For example, even with the start of flights without MIQ, there are only 45 flights from Australia this week, whereas before COVID there were 330, he said.

Air New Zealand said after 246 days since the travel bubble paused, the national airline was “delighted” to bring back New Zealand citizens and permanent residents of Australia to reconnect with friends and whānau once what’s more.

The airline had five flights from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, with the first service arriving from Sydney to Auckland at 5.15pm on Monday.

Barnz said the abolition of self-isolation could not have come at a more crucial time. Airlines decided whether or not to commit to New Zealand routes for the 2022-2023 summer season.

Some North American airlines had already pulled out of these seasonal flights, Tighe-Umbers said.

Having airlines serving this country is not only good for tourism, but also for exporters and importers. Aviation is a vital part of the New Zealand economy.

The tourism industry is also celebrating what it calls a “big step on the road to recovery”.

But tourism businesses still need more certainty about when international visitors can enter New Zealand, Tourism Industry Aotearoa said.

However, the top priority for the tourism industry is to reopen our borders to vaccinated international leisure and business travelers.

Many parts of the tourism industry operate with long lead times. Airlines and the cruise industry in particular are currently setting their schedules and selling itineraries for next summer. Tourism operators also need time to prepare their businesses for the return of international visitors, the tourism organization said.

The nature of the next summer season will be heavily determined by decisions made now about the parameters for reopening New Zealand.

In line with government requirements, the airline said all customers will need to provide proof of a negative PCR test 48 hours before departure or a supervised RAT or LAMP test 24 hours before departure and will be required to complete a period of home isolation upon arrival in New Zealand. .

The airline’s international vaccination policy came into effect on February 1, with all passengers traveling on Air New Zealand’s international network now required to show proof of full vaccination.

The easiest way for eligible customers to do this is to securely share their vaccination status and test results with Air New Zealand using the IATA Travel Pass app.

The app will also guide travelers through what they need to know and do before departure.

The airline said people wanting to book to travel can now do so through the Air New Zealand website, where customers with credits can also use them as a method of payment, or through their preferred travel agent.

Air New Zealand Trans-Tasman flights were now on sale.

Aviation jubilation follows the government on Monday announcing there will be no more self-isolation for fully vaccinated travelers returning to New Zealand from March 3.

All unvaccinated travelers will still have to complete a period in MIQ.

From 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday March 2, travelers will no longer need to self-isolate.

The government has also confirmed that it will bring forward stage 2 of the reopening of borders, so that New Zealanders from the rest of the world can return from midnight this Friday March 4.

These travelers could previously only arrive, with self-isolation, from 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 13.

The Cabinet will review the timing of the remaining steps in the coming weeks. This includes temporary workers and student visa holders currently outside New Zealand.

Every traveler should still do a RAT on the day of arrival and on day five or six and any positive tests would be followed by a PCR test.

All travelers should take a pre-departure test before boarding the plane. The government has asked for advice on the duration of this measure.

The government’s announcement on easing the country’s borders will also appeal to industries struggling to bring in skilled workers amid labor shortages.

National Road Carriers Association (NRC) chief operating officer James Smith said the move was necessary to keep New Zealand’s supply chain functioning.

Smith said it’s not just truckers who are needed, but all sectors of the economy are crying out for people.

Meanwhile, Auckland Chamber of Commerce chief executive Michael Barnett said the government had shown flexibility and pragmatism in phasing out self-isolation for fully vaccinated and COVID-19-free travelers returning in New Zealand from March 3 and advancing the phased reopening of our borders.

Our border still provides an early signal of new virus strains arriving, but the government has listened to sound advice and recognized that circumstances have changed dramatically as Omicron spreads through the community in such large numbers, a- he declared.

Exporters will now be able to travel and return home undisturbed by self-isolation and for small and medium-sized businesses rejected by the government as essential, there is some comfort, he said.

Essential Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) that the government has rationed are now on sale at retail outlets, so our SMEs have a fair chance to stay open, have jobs and earn a living .

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