Begusarai meets Paris: Frenchwoman marries Bihari tour guide, villagers flock to see foreign bride


Begusarai: “Love has no culture, borders, race and religion. It is pure and beautiful like the early morning sunrise falling into the lake. Illustrating the essence of this quote, a Frenchwoman and an Indian man recently got married in Begusarai of Bihar and the story of an interracial marriage has gone viral.Also Read – ‘Shaadi can wait’: Gujarat bride takes exam just before wedding, says ‘education is more important’ | look

Mary Lori Heral, who is a businesswoman in Paris, came to India about six years ago and fell in love with her Rakesh, a resident of Katharia village in Begusarai. At that time, Rakesh was working as a tour guide in New Delhi. The two stayed in touch even after returning to Paris. During this time, they also confessed their love on the phone. Three years later, Mary asked Rakesh to move to Paris and start a textile business with her. After they started working together, they got closer and decided to get married.

Rakesh’s father Ramchandra Sha said Mary was so impressed with Indian culture that she decided to come here and get married. After seeking the consent of both families, Mary and Rakesh were married on Sunday according to Hindu rituals. Members of Mary’s family, who traveled from France to attend the ceremony, congratulated the newlyweds.

The two families bonded before “Jayamala”, a Hindu ritual, and also danced to Hindi and Bhojpuri songs after the wedding ceremony, Rakesh’s family said. The ceremony was also attended by foreign guests who loved Bihar culture and happily participated in all Hindu rituals. They now plan to stay here for a week.

According to Rakesh’s family, Mary wanted to get married in a small town like Begusarai because she loved Bihari customary practices. All arrangements and decisions for the ceremony were made by the two families together.

The newlyweds will stay a week in India and then return to Paris. Meanwhile, after the news of the interracial marriage broke, villagers began to gather in large numbers to see the French bride.


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