Bill passed to regulate tour operators


Shada Pathor in Sylhet’s upazila Companiganj, Photo: Star file / Sheikh Nasir


Shada Pathor in Sylhet’s upazila Companiganj, Photo: Star file / Sheikh Nasir

Parliament today passed a bill making the registration of tour operators and guides compulsory.

The bill entitled “Bangladesh Tour Operators and Tour Guides (Registration and Operation) Bill, 2021” was prepared with the aim of placing tour operators in a legal framework to ensure the best services and thus give a boost to the tourism sector. tourism.

The Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Mr. Mahbub Ali, introduced the bill which was passed by voice vote.

Under the proposed law, a tour operator will need to obtain a license.

“No company will be allowed to organize tours without registration. If someone does, they will be tried under the Code of Criminal Procedure,” the bill said.

The bill also contains a provision according to which a registration can be handed over to another tour operator in the event of death, physical and financial incapacity.

The bill suggested that the criminal acts of tour operators would be tried under the 1898 Code of Criminal Procedure, aimed at protecting the interests of tourists.

The activities of tour operators, general tourist guides, cultural guides, nature guides and hiking guides will be regulated by the bill.

Currently, there are no guidelines or rules for tour operators in the country.

The conditions of registration, the registration period and the provisions for canceling registration have been mentioned in the draft law.

It was precisely defined in the bill that can be tour operators and tour guides.

Once the bill is passed, it will allow tour operators to operate properly within the legal framework, the tourism sector will flourish, government revenues will increase, and it will be easier to take advantage of tourism services, the bill says in his goal.


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