Byeong Hun An digs his PGA TOUR comeback from the dirt


An moved to the United States when he was 14, when he himself was just a child. He knew then that playing golf was going to be his career path. Now An has a child of his own. His son was born in early 2020, so with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing the PGA TOUR to an end, he was able to stay home for a few more weeks with his newborn. This would not have been possible in a “normal” year. He got to see his son and experience the challenges of raising a newborn. It’s been “a fun roller coaster,” he said, as he struggles to balance his golf career with being a parent.

His wife, he says, does a lot of heavy work.

“Last year on the golf course was the lowest point of my career,” An said, “but off the golf course I’ve been so busy. It’s good.”

Even with his TOUR map locked (again), goals remain for the remainder of 2022. An is striving to achieve No. 1 spot on The 25 and achieve fully exempt TOUR status for next season. He tries to tighten up the little things, like trying to hit more greens and more fairways and making more putts.

“Grinding…it’s not fun, but I like to see the progress I’m making. This is the really positive result,” he said. “That’s been my main focus this season, getting my TOUR card back, (but) it doesn’t end there. I have to keep playing the next two weeks and try to finish No. 1…I still have a long way to go I have a lot of work ahead of me.

No doubt, however, An will enjoy this job.


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