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Dear future tourist guide,

If you are going to work everyday and devote your time and energy to a career, then you should be looking for something that matches your values ​​and that you truly believe in.

Imagine that you are really excited to go to work, what a feeling!

If your face lights up as you read, this may be the most important job ad you’ve ever read.

Here’s why…

The experience can be great, but it’s not the end and we’re not just looking for people with experience in the travel industry.

When looking for who’s best to join our team, we’re looking for people who are active, spirited, and passionate about travel, people, and creating experiences.

We support each other to be able to teach you the industry knowledge part.

We are looking for people who are assertive, ambitious, and enthusiastic about taking themselves and our travelers out of their comfort zone.

Wait a minute, what really makes a great tour guide anyway?

It’s someone who :

  • Cares about the experience of international travelers in Australia
  • Wants to have a lasting impact on people’s lives
  • Wants travelers to come home and shout from the rooftops that everyone needs to travel.
  • Truly believes that travel makes people see the world differently.

You will be able to help travelers from all over the world to make their dreams come true.

Now I know that sounds cheesy, but the positive effect of our tours and our community on people is amazing. Check out our reviews on TripAdvisor if you don’t believe me.

A tour guide is there to provide the traveler with an experience they will never forget.

The would-be traveler waited his whole life and saved for years to take this tour.

You will bring people together from all over the world, showing the best that Sydney has to offer.

By the end of the tour, you will have created a family of travelers, all of whom have fallen in love with Australia.

Not only that, but after giving our travelers the best week of their life on tour, your Welcome to Travel teammates will ensure that each of our travelers have the best possible experience in Australia, being there every step of the way. travel for them.

A tour guide for Welcome to Travel is an important part of someone’s trip and if you give the traveler the best experience possible, they will remember you forever.

Well, a little about us …

  • We’re a full-service travel company with big ambitions.
    We run award-winning tours to Melbourne, Sydney and the east coast of Australia for international travelers.
  • Our Welcome to Melbourne tour is the # 1 tour on TripAdvisor. And all 5 * reviews… SAY WHAAAAAAT!
  • We had travelers from 37 different countries.
  • Has been featured on UNILAD
  • I have worked with some of the best YouTubers in the world.
  • We even got a viral video… Things Never Said By Backpackers.
  • We live and breathe while traveling and our vision is to create a world where everyone is encouraged to travel.

We know the hardest part of a trip is always the start, so we want to make sure every traveler has the best possible experience with us.

Let us tell you about the role

  • While your work week and expectations are clear, the role will remain exciting and fresh as no two days are the same.
  • The work environment can be dynamic and flexible, it will not be an arrival and departure role.
  • Our growth to date is the result of hard work, but also of team collaboration. We encourage good ideas from all team members and we are not afraid to implement them / try new things.
  • We will work hard to build and serve our community when the borders open.

You will be:

  • The main guide for our tour Welcome to Sydney.
  • Monday – Meet & Greet, admin setup, walking tour, welcome meal
  • Tuesday – Food and Drink Day
  • Wednesday – Surf Camp on the South Coast
  • Thursday – Cruise with dolphins, Jervis Bay beaches
  • Friday – Work and Travel Overview, Bondi Beach
  • Saturday – One-on-one meetings, pub crawl
  • Sunday – BBQ on the roof

While it looks awesome, we know you can’t really imagine it, so check out this video:

You will also be:

  • Arranging onward travel for people across Australia and beyond
  • Use our employment resources to help travelers find employment
  • Make sure everyone has the best possible experience
  • Respond to reviews
  • When you’re not guiding, you’ll be working with the team on passionate projects to educate future travelers about the benefits of traveling.

If you’ve been on a tour and loved it, I guarantee you can still remember the names of some great tour guides you’ve had. It could be providing you with those life changing experiences.

So if you are passionate about travel, enjoy working as part of a progressive, like-minded team, and want to play a positive role in a traveller’s journey, we would love to hear from you.

Please take the time to write a cover letter that tells us about YOU.

We don’t want boring stuff, we want details.

We want you to jump off the page as if you are actually in the room, telling us who YOU ​​are and in particular why you think you would be a perfect fit for this role.

If you cannot take the time to do so, please do not apply.

We want someone who wants to make a difference in people’s lives and go the extra mile.


We are looking for:

  • Motivated, confident and energetic
  • Excellent communicator
  • empathetic
  • Passionate about travel
  • Good organizational skills
  • Able to solve problems
  • Experience working with people in hospitality, tourism or sales *

* It would be a plus but it is not essential.

You are NOT required to be able to drive for this role.

What we offer

  • Full-time position with salary and bonuses – we want to reward the success of our teams.
  • Extensive and ongoing training and support – we want you to be the best version of yourself in this role and we take training very seriously. We will provide you with state-of-the-art training, ensuring that you have the knowledge and confidence to succeed.
  • A motivated and united team – we are a small but powerful team who look out for each other to ensure travelers have the best possible experience.
  • To travel Advantages – once you have mastered your role, various travel opportunities will be available to you. We can’t let travelers have fun, you deserve to experience this country too.

The application period ends on December 12, 2021 and successful applicants will hear from us by December 23, 2022, with interviews starting the week starting January 3, 2022.

The role is currently scheduled to begin on February 7, 2022, although announcements of international / border travel may have an impact on this. This is something we are happy to discuss with you.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you.


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