Crsitiano Ronaldo as Manchester United tourist guide? Paul Pogba to wash the kits? This could happen if Ralf Rangnick brings back the ‘wheel of fortune’ to punish players instead of fines


How do you motivate a player like Cristiano Ronaldo to maintain high standards? What about Paul Pogba or Harry Maguire?

Well, Ralf Rangnick has a few ideas – or at least he did when he was in charge of RB Leipzig, where he created a brilliantly inventive alternative to fines when it came to punishing players.


Rangnick is a highly respected man in football and his expertise goes to Old Trafford

Players will soon learn all about working methods from their new boss


Players will soon learn all about working methods from their new boss

The man tasked with restoring the fortunes of Manchester United, whom he will lead for the remainder of the season, has used a hilarious “wheel of fortune” to decide the consequences of unruly.

It has been said that in his opinion a professional footballer’s time is more valuable than his money, so fines did not work as a strong enough deterrent.

The concept of the wheel is quite simple: spin the wheel and face your forfeit.

Punishments include: wearing a pink tutu, becoming a stadium guide, cleaning dirty kits, and working in the club shop.

There’s a no-get-out option if you land at number four, but there is something outrageous about the other eleven penalties.

Rangnick is expected to take over in the coming days once a work permit has been sorted, replacing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who was sacked last weekend.

One man who knows the kind of coach United get is Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp.

The compatriot Rangnick, inspired by the new sheriff of Old Trafford, said: “Yes unfortunately a good coach comes to England, that’s how it is, to Manchester United.

“He’s obviously a really, really experienced manager. He built the most famous two clubs out of nowhere with appropriate threats and forces in Germany along with Hoffenheim and Leipzig.

“He has held many different positions in football, but his first concern has always been to be a coach, to be a manager, and that is obviously his best skill.”

The punishment

1. Inflate the balls, put them on the field, clean them – 30 minutes a day for a week

2. Train one of the academy teams for an otherwise free day – four hours

3. Guided tour of the stadium – one hour

4. Be lucky: no punishment

5. Mow and maintain the training ground – four to six hours per week of training

6. Wear a pink “princess” jersey or ballerina tutu for training – 90 minutes

7. Mix drinks before training, fill water bottles – 20 minutes a day for a week

8. Work as an assistant in the club shop for three hours

9. Serve food in the team cafeteria, clean tables – 30 minutes per day

10. Work as a kit helper, take care of dirty shirts, help clean boots – 30 minutes a day

11. Help load the team bus with crates and bags on the day of away games – approximately one and a half hours

12. Buy small gifts for all 60 Leipzig staff.


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