Darwin tour guide bitten by crocodile talks about attack


A tour guide bitten by a crocodile in Darwin has told of the moment he realized it had clung to his arm.

A man bitten by a crocodile while on a river cruise in the Northern Territory has revealed the critical mistake he made while feeding birds that led to his injury.

60-year-old tour guide Sean Dealy was in high spirits when he appeared on the Today Show on Wednesday with his arm in a cast after the animal attacked him in front of tourists.

“I know (the cast) looks bad but it’s perfect to hold an icy XXXX Gold in that hand,” joked host Karl Stefanovic.

“I was thinking about that. The chunky cooler could have fit in there, they would have given me a little more room and I could have molded it in there,” Mr Dealy said.

Emergency services received the call around 2pm on Monday after Mr Dealy suffered ‘serious injuries’ to his arm and hand while cruising the Adelaide River in Darwin.

He was taken to Palmerston Regional Hospital in stable condition.

The crocodile, which was about three to four meters long, had bitten him on the arm as he threw meat at birds of prey while cruising.

Mr Dealy said Today he “foolishly” put his arm in the water to retrieve something he had accidentally hit in the water.

“I usually use a hook to pull things out of the water,” he said.

“I stretched my arm back and of course I lifted a crocodile and I thought ‘Oh my god, what have I got here?’

“And it hangs on my arm.”

He said luckily the crocodile didn’t twist and he managed to retrieve his arm when the animal fell into the water.

“I basically apologized for my stupidity and said I had just been bitten by a crocodile,” the man said.

“We were at the end of the tour, thank goodness.”

An NT WorkSafe inspector told NCA NewsWire on Tuesday that investigations are ongoing into the incident.

“NT WorkSafe reminds all businesses in the Territory that it is mandatory to notify us of any serious injury that occurs in the workplace,” WorkSafe said.

“While there are no specific regulations relating to crocodiles, crocodiles are an apex predator and a well-known danger in the Top End to any businesses operating in their habitat.

“All companies operating in crocodile habitats have a duty to minimize, or where possible eliminate, the risk of injury from crocodiles.”


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