Edinburgh tour guide captures image of ghostly presence at Greyfriars Kirk on Halloween


An Edinburgh tour guide thinks his party might have imagined a ghostly presence at Greyfriars Kirk cemetery last night.

Christina Enever was doing a midnight tour when she says her band felt like they were being followed by a ghostly presence.

The Edinburgh Walking Tours guide says she often feels like there’s something strange in the air at Greyfriars, but it all came to a head last night and the guide insists that this could be the last time she visits the historic site.

Speaking to Edinburgh Live, she explained: ‘My mum runs Edinburgh Walking Tours and I do freelance work for them doing the ghost tours. I studied acting and can make it a bit more dramatic than the daily rounds, so I decided to do a late night Halloween party.

“It was sold out and we had 38 people with us. My son Josh was there and my brother Kieran and they were sort of walking around alone in the back and really helping to supervise.

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Christina says the tour started out normally, but as they headed to the left side of the cemetery, things started to get a little scary.

Some on the tour also reported hearing noises at this point as they approached the midnight hour.

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Josh and Kieran left alone to take pictures and Christina thinks their findings might be a ghostly presence.

She continued, “They wandered off on their own while I was telling stories. There was already a very strange feeling in the cemetery, and I find that there is a very distinct difference between the two sides of the Kirk.

“If you go in and turn right, I normally find that side a little lighter, but when you go up to the left side, I still feel like there’s a very dark feel up there.

“My brother and my son came up and took pictures but they said they were hearing things.

“I felt really uncomfortable at one point, and even a few people on the tour commented on some weird noises.

(Picture: handout)
The party was around midnight

“Then we were going back to the car and I was sitting chatting with my mum as they looked at all their pictures and they suddenly came over and said ‘look at these’.

“I saw faces in the photos. I then went on and showed more people and my mom could see faces in them, and there’s one that looks like a full figure.

Christina knows there will be naysayers and is relaxed about the whole situation.

She didn’t tell Edinburgh Live that the party definitely saw a ghost last night, but says the experience was enough to make her reconsider doing a midnight tour of Greyfriars again in the near future!

She added: “My brother is a complete skeptic and he was freaked out by the pictures.

(Picture: handout)
Christina says they could see a face in this picture

“My son is now determined to go back to the exact spot where he picked it up to check that there is nothing in the back wall or anything that looks like a face, but I’m almost sure there isn’t.

“It was just cool enough to have the pictures, but even if I say cool, I never want to go back!

“As I said, there are some weird feelings in this graveyard and sometimes it’s stronger than others, but with midnight on Halloween it was really intense, and a few people on the tour said that they felt the same.

“I’ll get back to the group and ask if anyone else picked up anything.”


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