Foreign Minister Baerbock’s #SicherLeben (#LivingInSecurity) tour through Germany


Tour Overview


Rostock: Fraunhofer Institute at Ocean Technology Campus Rostock, focusing on ecological impact and detection of munitions in the sea

Bremen: business forum focused on space and satellite technology

Large citizen forum


Break, as Minister Baerbock attends the Moldova Support Conference in Bucharest


Bonn: meeting with NGOs on crisis prevention and stabilization

Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler: Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance/Federal Academy for Civil Protection and Civil Defense

The Ahr Valley: A tour of the area affected by severe flooding last year

Schengen: meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg


Walldorf: business forum focused on data sovereignty, supply chain security and sustainability

Karlsruhe: citizens’ forum

break on 18 and July 19while the Minister participates in the Petersberg Climate Dialogue in Berlin


Berlin: civil society programs that support individuals who have decided to leave jihadist movements

Neuenhagen: business forum focused on critical infrastructure

Strausberg: visit to the CBRN defense regiment of the Bundeswehr

Hanover: talks


Barleben: business forum focused on supply and supply chain security

Hof: citizens’ forum


Nuremberg: debate on terrorism perpetrated by the NSU

Munich: Visit to the Jewish Congregation of Munich

Large citizen forum


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