IAM Locals 1781, 1782 & District 141 Officers Tour Guide Dogs of America Facility


Members of IAM Locals 1781 and 1782 (District 141) took a private tour of Sylmar, California. training center for Guide Dogs of America / Tender Loving Canines (GDA/TLC). Members visited the facility to learn more about GDA/TLC and what exactly the IAM’s charity of choice does.

“We learned how the dogs are raised from start to finish, we got a better idea and perspective of what they do, how they involve the community and help our members in need,” the president said. of Local 1781, Tony Parker. “We’re learning as much as we can so we can go back and let our members know how important it is to support local charities and upcoming fundraisers for GDA/TLC.”

“To show what this facility means to our members, to be here to see what they’re doing, so we can go back and fundraise,” Local 1782 President Wendy Goodell said. “Because we want to raise funds to help this wonderful program which in turn helps a lot of people.”

Members were able to experience everything the program has to offer, from the herding program to the training program, to placing service dogs with people in need, to blindfolded walks without vision. with a dog.

“It’s great that these two locals are making the trip to see and learn first-hand all of the resources needed to educate a future guide dog,” said Richard Johnsen, Chief of Staff to the International President of the I AM. “My thanks to everyone involved in learning more about this important facility and the invaluable work they are doing.”

In preparation for the upcoming celebrations of local chapter members, the two lodges will be hosting a GDA/TLC fundraiser on July 23.

Guide Dogs of America / Tender Loving Canines provides service dogs for the blind/visually impaired, veterans, children with autism, and facilities to become trusted companions that provide confidence, independence, and mobility. Their services are provided free of charge to residents of the United States and Canada.


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