Indian pilgrims on tour in Pak urge Imran Khan’s government to increase visas


Lahore: A group of 87 Hindu pilgrims from India visited Loh Temple here on Tuesday and urged the Imran Khan government to increase the number of visas granted to Indians so that more people can visit their places of worship located in Pakistan.

The Loh or Lava temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity Luv, the son of Lord Ram. It is located in Lahore fort. According to legend, Lahore is named after him. The temple was restored by the authorities in 2018.

The group of pilgrims arrived here last week to visit their holy sites in Punjab province.

A special ceremony was held for them during their visit to Loh Temple and Grand Iqbal Park under tight security.

Speaking on the occasion, the leader of the group, Sanjiv Kumar, urged the Pakistani government to issue more visas to his compatriots so that a good number of pilgrims can visit their holy places here.

The government must review the visa policy,” he said, thanking the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) for taking good care of their holy places.

ETPB (Shrine) Additional Secretary Rana Shahid said the pilgrims’ visa application would be sent to the Federal Government for action.

Earlier, the pilgrims visited Katas Raj temples, also known as Qila Katas or Katas temple complex in Chakwal district of Punjab, more than 300 km from Lahore. They will also visit the Krishna temple here before leaving for their country on December 23.

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