Iraqi travel insiders explore western Iran province on familiarization tour


TEHRAN – A group of Iraqi tour operators and travel agents arrived in Ilam on Tuesday to visit the western province of Iran on a familiarization tour, the provincial tourism chief said.

In addition to showcasing Ilam’s abilities in natural tourism and historic sites, the familiarization tour includes joint meetings between Iraqi travel insiders and tourism activists in the province, Abdolmalek Shanbezadeh said on Friday.

In order to learn about the potential of medical tourism in the province and develop a strong partnership between the two countries in the health tourism sector, the delegation plans to visit medical institutions across the province, the official added.

Tourist visits to the province, as well as the introduction of historical attractions and crafts, will also increase the profitability of the private sector, he noted.

Earlier this month, a group of Iraqi tour operators and tourism activists along with their Iranian comrades visited several Iranian provinces on familiarization tours.

In November, several Iraqi travel insiders called on Iran to waive the visa requirement for Iraqi nationals who wish to enter the Islamic Republic through land borders.

Earlier this year, the two neighbors agreed to abolish visa requirements for air travelers.

The announcement came after Iranian President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi met in Tehran, discussing various issues including visa waiver, a joint rail project and raising the level. Exchanges.

Many domestic experts believe that medical tourism in Iran is a win-win opportunity for both the country and foreign patients, as they are offered affordable but quality treatment services and the country earns considerable foreign exchange.

Ilam is located on the foothills of the Zagros Mountains in the western region of Iran. Unlike the northern and northwestern part of this province which is mountainous, the west and southwest are flat. It is a place conducive to nomadic life because the geographical conditions are favorable for summer and winter relocation.



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