John Lydon show canceled “due to assault” by tour manager


John Lydon was scheduled to perform in Glasgow tonight (October 25) as part of his “I could be wrong, I could be right” book tour, but depending on location the show was canceled “due to the assault and intimidation “of his tour director.

“Unfortunately, due to the assault and intimidation of various members of my team by tour director John Lydon, tonight’s show will not be happening,” the Pavilion Theater post said.

“The days of this kind of behavior are long gone,” he continued. “We have a zero tolerance policy for abuse, both physical and verbal, and this behavior has been going on for two weeks.”

“We’re sorry if this affects you, but as a company we will not accept this kind of attitude towards our staff from anyone, including members of the public and tour staff. Our ticket office will contact you directly to organize the reimbursement of your tickets.

The show was originally scheduled to take place last November, but has been postponed due to the coronavirus. According to the event page, the concert was supposed to see Lydon “talking about the way he sees life, as well as his unique and extraordinary career, and answering questions from the audience.”

While Lydon and his team have yet to comment on the charges, his official Twitter account has shared the news of the cancellation. NME asked for a comment.

Last month, Lydon said he was “in a serious state of financial ruin” following the outcome of a lawsuit against his former Sex Pistols groupmates in August.

Lydon was sued after refusing to allow the band’s music to be included in Danny Boyle’s upcoming biopic series Gun, with guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook legally disputing his objection.

Lydon also opened up about his stint with the Sex Pistols, saying, “I don’t know if there was a lot of fame. It was mostly hell on earth.

“I was discussed in the Houses of Parliament under the Treason Act. And you say ‘Ohh, ha ha’, but that [treason] carried the death penalty! For words! Some cute little pop songs like ‘Anarchy In The UK’ and you can be dead. With his head!


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