John Lydon’s Show Canceled Due to ‘Aggressive’ Tour Director


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By Andy Malt | Posted on Tuesday, October 26, 2021

John Lydon had a spoken word show in Glasgow canceled last night after venue management accused his tour manager of being aggressive and intimidating.

In a social media statement, Pavilion Theater General Manager Iain Gordon said: “Unfortunately, due to the assault and intimidation of various members of my team by tour director John Lydon , tonight’s show will not be happening. The days of this kind of behavior are long gone. We have a zero tolerance policy for abuse, both physical and verbal, and this behavior has been going on for a long time. two weeks “.

“We are sorry if this affects you, but as a company we will not accept this kind of attitude towards our staff from anyone, including members of the public and tour staff,” he continued. “Our ticket office will contact you directly to organize the reimbursement of your tickets”.

A statement on Lydon’s social media accounts simply said: “The Glasgow Pavilion unexpectedly canceled tonight‘s show. We were informed of the cancellation at 2:48 pm ”.

Rescheduled from 2020, Lydon has been on her UK spoken word tour for the past month, promoting her book ‘I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right’. The shows are scheduled to run through November and he is due to head to the Princess Alexandra Auditorium in Yarm tonight. This venue still lists the show as taking place on its website.

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