Love in the Air: Local guide locates couple who got engaged at Nenagh Castle


Local tour guide Kevin Whelan appeared on Joe Duffy’s Liveline yesterday to locate a couple who got engaged atop Nenagh Castle.

Pamela Doyle and her now fiancé Ciarán, both from Dublin, visited the castle last Saturday with their two children.

They climbed the spiral staircase of 101 steps where Ciarán asked the question.

Kevin said on the show that he noticed the bride-to-be’s tears as the family left.

“When they came down I noticed the lady had a tear in her eye and that kind of caught my eye and she noticed I had seen it and she came up to me and she started crying I might add that her partner had proposed to her, got down on her knees on top of the tower and she accepted, she said yes,” Kevin said.

Kevin asked if he could take a photo of the couple for the Nenagh Castle Facebook page.

The couple named Pamela and Ciarán accepted and posed for the photo.

The post caught the attention of subscribers so much that local media Kevin wanted to contact the couple.

“It got so much publicity and people inquired because of the good news in the midst of what we’re going through,” Kevin said.

During the show, Pamela called and described the couples special day.

“We were walking around the castle and then we got to the top, and we were just looking out the windows and taking pictures, and I said we had to take a picture of the four of us at the window.

I just turned around and he was on his knees with the ring,” Pamela said.

She said her son was so excited to come downstairs to tell Kevin his parents were engaged.

The couple have been together for 16 years and Pamela told listeners they met the Nitelink in Dublin.

The Abbey Court has contacted the show to congratulate the couple and invite them to stay.

Nenagh Castle and Tipperary County Council also invited Pamela and Ciarán to the Nenagh St Patrick’s Day Festival in March.


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