Melbourne Airport Passenger Performance January 2022


Published on: Monday February 14, 2022

Melbourne Airport saw a slight increase in passenger traffic as Covid-19 continued to impact summer holiday travel.

The omicron wave weighed on demand for domestic flights, with all major carriers cutting capacity due to crew availability issues and traveler hesitation.

A total of 1,242,125 passengers passed through Melbourne Airport terminals in January, up from 126,892 on
December (1,115,233).

The number of passengers increased significantly in January 2021 but decreased by 62% compared to the corresponding month in 2020 (3,292,960).

The airport handled 147,160 international travelers as Australians continued to take advantage of relaxed border rules.

Melbourne Airport CEO Lyell Strambi said the reopening of the Australian border to overseas tourists later this
month would help improve the viability of many international services.

“As an end-of-line destination, it is difficult for airlines to reach the passenger volumes they need with only
Australians and some special visa holders can purchase tickets,” he said.

“Our airline partners are already reacting positively to the announcement, with Emirates now flying daily
A380 service to Dubai and others planning to increase capacity.

“The decision to relax the pre-departure PCR testing requirement for international arrivals was welcome, but we would like to see all pre-departure testing requirements removed for fully vaccinated travellers.

“The fear of being stranded overseas due to a positive test result remains a deterrent for many Australians considering overseas holidays.

“Despite the short-term challenges, we are moving forward with our plans to build a third runway to ensure that
Melbourne Airport has enough capacity to meet demand as the aviation industry continues to recover.

Passenger figures for January 2022:

Passengers January 2022 January 2021 Growth (%)*
International 147 160 17,714 +731%
National 1,094,965 631 481 +73%
Total (excluding transits) 1,242,125 649 195 +91%

*Monthly percentage growth over January 2021
Passenger figures for the financial year to January

Passengers Financial year 2021/22 Financial year 2020/21 Growth (%)*
International 415 273 101,869 +308%
National 2,958,808 1,613,636 +83%
Total (excluding transits) 3,374,081 1,715,505 +97%

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