milton: Mys international tour operators and guides expect big crowds this season | Mysore News

MYSURU: After a two-year hiatus, international tour operators are all smiles again with India having started flight operations to over three dozen countries from the start of this week. Ticket prices have already skyrocketed since the announcement.
Inquiries have started pouring in and tour operators are expecting good deals in the upcoming tourist season.
The head of the Association of Tourist Guides, SJ Ashok, claimed that the government’s announcement to grant free visas to the first five lakh tourists after Covid is a big boost for tourism promotion and would likely attract more visitors in the coming months. “There are requests from European countries, in particular from France and the United Kingdom. Bookings have started there and this season hopefully there will be more incoming visitors,” he said.
It has been two years since international travel services came to a screeching halt with the suspension of flight services. Now that cases have gone down, operators are busy and have resumed their normal planning rounds.
A small group of Israeli and Spanish tourists visited Mysuru and incoming tourists are expected to arrive in large numbers in August, Ashok said.
Skal Association President BS Prashanth said airfare prices had risen and were likely to rise. He said international tourist traffic, particularly to Dubai, had increased with 35% of international visitors traveling to the destination due to the 2020 Expo. Outbound traffic to Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok increased. Now that the government has resumed flight services, the industry is expected to pick up speed in the coming weeks as people are set to travel overseas for vacations.
Mahadevaswamy V from a travel agency confirmed that inquiries about packages or services to international destinations are increasing day by day. “Now, with the government restarting flight service to more countries like in the pre-Covid period, there would surely be more activity,” he said.

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