New walking tour guide includes city history

The glossy tri-fold opens up to a 12-inch by 18-inch guidebook to historic Winnsboro with a corresponding map showing the location of the sites.

WINNSBORO – “Just since the start of the summer, we’ve handed out almost 5,000 brochures,” Fairfield County Museum Director Pelham Lyles said of the new guide and map for the historic Winnsboro walking tour. , South Carolina.

First created by Lyles in the 1970s, the walking tour brochure has since undergone numerous updates and reprints. Information and format were recently updated in a 12 “x 18” color tri-fold guide available free of charge at the Fairfield County Museum, House offices, most restaurants and select Winnsboro stores. , Lyles said.

Before the last effort could become a reality, however, funding was needed for printing and professional assistance.

Enter Chris Clausen, deputy general manager of Winnsboro, and Ernestine Williams, both members of the Fairfield Forward Coalition which raises funds through grants and other sources to promote health through activity.

“The walking tour guide was a perfect fit for what Fairfield Forward is doing,” Lyles said. The group recently helped fund a gym in Winnsboro and the opening of the Alston Trail Head of the Peak to Prosperity Passage of the Palmetto Trail in West Fairfield.

Fairfield Forward saw the walking tour guide project not only of historical and educational significance, but also as a benefit to the health of the community and helped raise funds to achieve this through grants from the City of Winnsboro , the Fairfield County and Historical Society, according to Clausen. .

The Herculean task of researching and updating the history of those 56 sites, Lyles said, fell to Williams, associated with Cooperative Health and previously with the Eat Smart Move More program. To tackle this task, Williams formed a committee that included Lyles, staff from the City of Winnsboro, the Fairfield County Historical Society, and the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce, among others.

With funding raised by Fairfield Forward, the group was able to print 5,000 brochures that were distributed to participating merchants, guest rooms, restaurants, rest areas and other locations across the county.

The total walking distance of the mapped tour is 5,296 miles, and the map includes numbered locations that translate to the name, address, and descriptions of the sites. For some properties, the brochure includes both photos from today and photos of sites in their early days.

For example, a current photo of the city clock in Winnsboro is next to a photo from the 1920s and a brief history. Also included is the Malvern Hill House built in 1884 by George H. McMaster as a replacement for a house on the site built in 1786 for Revolutionary War General Richard Winn.

The guide provides impressive insight into the history, architecture, and people who established and developed Winnsboro as well as those who currently work to maintain the beauty, ambiance and way of life of this county seat. Fairfield.

With the guide’s huge success, Lyles said they were dwindling in number and should be reprinted soon. She said she hopes some of the county’s businesses will offer funds to support a reprint effort.

“It’s really just a nice brochure,” she said. “We are very proud of it.

Businesses or other organizations wishing to donate for the printing of more brochures can contact Williams at
[email protected] or Lyles at [email protected]

“The brochure was also digitally formatted so that it could be printed in 8.5” X 11 “pdf format or saved for future distribution,” Lyles said.

To print the brochure, go to


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