Phuket boat tour company pleads with government to stop soaring fuel prices


A speedboat tour company in Phuket is pleading with the government not to let fuel prices soar. The company, Nikorn Marine Tour Phuket, offers tourists group boat tours, as well as private excursions. It also offers beach parties, but its main services require boats. The company’s CEO told The Phuket News yesterday that after Covid-19 had already hit maritime tourism hard, fuel prices have now doubled. She said it was 20 baht per litre.

“Please prevent further fuel price hikes from getting worse so that those shipping operators who are directly affected can continue to operate.”

Even though oil prices have jumped, the company cannot increase the prices of services as this would deter tourists from buying them. Tourists have less money to spend due to Covid-19. The CEO pleaded with the government to at least help businesses cope with rising costs.

Boat tour companies aren’t the only groups in Thailand being hit by rising fuel prices at the moment. In February, angry truckers threatened to camp outside Thailand’s energy ministry if it did not lower prices within seven days. The chairman of the Land Transport Federation of Thailand said that if the minister does not lower the price of diesel, the LTFT could increase transport costs by 15-20%. Yesterday the Thai government pledged not to let the price of duel go over 30 baht per litre.

THE SOURCE: Phuket News | Nikorn Marine Tour Phuket | Thai PBS World


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