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JEDDAH: A fashion industry expo kicked off in Riyadh on Thursday to launch the latest technology, programs and machinery used in the industry.

The three-day event is sponsored by the Fashion Commission and takes place under the supervision of Al-Naseej Al-Arabi, a leading textile company in the region.

Princess Noura bint Faisal, director of fashion development at the commission, attended the opening day of the exhibition.

Al-Naseej Al-Arabi tweeted earlier this week: “Dear Customers, We are pleased to invite you all to attend a fashion industry exhibition sponsored by the Fashion Commission @FashionMOC. In the presence of Princess Noura bint Faisal Al Saud and Mr. Burak Cakmak @CEOFashion_KSA, the CEO of the commission, and a group of senior officials.

Cakmak told the public on opening day that the exhibition was an opportunity for fashion industry players to “meet each other, learn from each other, connect beyond the exhibition and to stay in touch to learn”.

He said, “It will show what Saudi fashion can do and create a new solution and designs that can really stand out, and show how proud we can be of these designs.

“Workshops are also offered and I know it will be a great opportunity for everyone, especially young designers and brands, to take part in these workshops to learn more about the fashion industry and understand best working practices. .”

The “We Are Creativity” exhibition explores the themes of technology and the future of the fashion industry.

It aims to give significant impetus to upcoming fashion projects in Saudi Arabia, as it will help visitors to the exhibition and entrepreneurs in the sector gain access to a wide range of production technologies.

It aims to help entrepreneurs get the right information to start their projects and improve their investment decisions.

It also aims to help people in the fashion industry be updated with the latest developments in technology and tools so that they can reflect the latest knowledge and products available in their future programs and goals.

“We Are Creativity” offers activities aimed at supporting the fashion sector, including workshops and the possibility of enrolling in specialized training, and there will be a presentation of fashion projects from large companies and entrepreneurs .

The first day of the exhibition featured a program of electronic sewing patterns, American mobile measuring technology, digital printing, crystal embroidery and other technologies and machines.

Some of the biggest technology and machinery companies in the fashion industry are participating in the exhibition, including ZSK, Brother, Bullmer, Wilcom and Pegasus.

The Fashion Commission was created in February 2020 by the Ministry of Culture.

It aims to develop the Kingdom’s fashion industry, while amplifying Saudi heritage and identity, meeting global needs and positively impacting the country’s economy.

His initiatives to date include the Saudi 100 Brands program and the Fashion Futures event.


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