Spain allows UK artists to tour visa-free – POLITICO


LONDON – Spain has removed its post-Brexit visa requirements for UK touring artists, a victory for UK industry.

The Spanish government has announced that UK musicians, dancers and theater artists and their teams will no longer need a visa to visit Spain for less than 90 days in any 180-day period.

Brexit negotiations ended without a deal for visa-free travel for business purposes, including touring. With mobility being a competence of EU Member States, the UK has attempted to remove the need for visas and work permits by negotiating individually with the 27 EU countries.

Many EU countries waived visa requirements, but Spain was the largest of the seven EU countries not to do so and therefore was the main focus of government lobbying efforts British.

Madrid said it would also remove this requirement for other non-EU countries in the hope that they would return the favor by allowing Spanish musicians to perform in their country visa-free.

Industry group UK Music said the move was a “big win”.

“The lifting of visa restrictions by the Spanish government is an extremely welcome move,” said Jamie Njoku-Goodwin, Managing Director of UK Music.

However, he pointed out that some “major problems” remain, such as obstacles to transporting musical instruments on tours with multiple stops.

“We will continue to press the government here and EU nationals to remove any costly and bureaucratic restrictions that remain when it comes to visiting the EU,” he added. .

British Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said the Spanish move was “very good news”.


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