The situation in Sri Lanka is gradually improving


Published on: Saturday April 30, 2022

Regarding the serious financial crisis that Sri Lanka is currently experiencing, the Sri Lankan government has said that it will now sell long-term visas to foreigners for a minimum of $100,000, which will allow them to live and work in Sri Lanka. Lanka for 10 years. The Golden Paradise Visa program is expected to gather much-needed foreign currency. There is also a five-year visa for any foreigner who wants to spend a minimum of $75,000 and buy an apartment anywhere in Sri Lanka.

The pandemic has dealt a severe blow to Sri Lankan tourism. This has led to an economic downturn, with the country facing severe shortages of basic necessities like food, fuel and medicine.

Sri Lanka’s tourism industry officials said the country was slowly getting back on the road to recovery. Political instability also improves with political parties reaching an agreement. Sri Lanka’s energy situation is also experiencing a marvelous development. Now, queues at gas stations are getting shorter, power supplies are gradually getting back on track, supermarkets are restocking, and other goods and services are returning to normal.

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