Tour guide documents NYC’s outdoor dining transformation in photos


Before outdoor dining was a thing in New York, Peggy Taylor was a busy Harlem tour guide. She could never have imagined being unemployed or seeing the streets of New York quickly take on a European vibe. However, when she saw change happening during the pandemic, she knew she had to take action — and take some pictures.

“When Mayor de Blasio allowed restaurants to sit outside, I thought, ‘Oh, I love this! It’s Paris on the Hudson,” Taylor said. “I felt this could be historic. We had never dined like this before, and we may never do it again. It’s historic and I should document it.”

The result: Streeteries, a book dedicated to outdoor restaurants, from bars to Michelin restaurants. Some flowers used. Others, curtains. And we used umbrellas. They are as unique as the restaurants they represent – the latest iteration of New York’s vibrant and rich culinary culture.

The Coffee Table Book is as much a historical accounting as it is a tribute to the work it takes to make it happen.

“They showed so much creativity, innovation and heart,” Taylor said. “They do this for customers, and they knew what state we were in. It helped lift our spirits.”

You can learn more about Streeteries at

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A preview of “Streeteries”, a photo book by Peggy Taylor.


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