Tourist guide shot dead and tourists kidnapped in Mexico


Four people, reported as tourists, were abducted and a tour guide was shot dead inside a church in northern Mexico, prompting condemnation from the pope.

Two priests were also shot alongside the tourist guide who had taken refuge there.

Earlier today, four tourists were abducted from a nearby hotel.

Both incidents happened in the town of Cerocahui, near the US border and are believed to be related.

“They entered the church, chased a person and murdered him. Apparently the priests came out and they were also killed,” President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said at a press briefing.

The four tourists, two men, a woman and a child, taken from the hotel are still missing, although unconfirmed reports say the woman and child have been found unharmed.

Pope Francis said he was shocked by the killings.

“So many murders in Mexico,” Francis said.

A suspect has been named with a massive manhunt underway.

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