Umrah: Umrah pilgrims and tour operators rejoice as Saudi Arabia lifts quarantine rule for Indians | Bombay News

MUMBAI: With Saudi Arabia exempting Umrah pilgrims from India from the five-day quarantine requirement to get there, pilgrims and tour operators are delighted.
While Haj is performed annually, Umrah or a minor pilgrimage can be performed throughout the year. Although Saudi Arabia allowed Umrah pilgrim visits to Haram Sharief in Mecca with some restrictions a few weeks ago, the 15-day quarantine requirement in a third country – United Arab Emirates, Russia and Kazakhstan among others – where the five-day quarantine in Saudi Arabia has put them off.
The Saudi Haj Ministry recently published the revised quarantine standard in a tweet.
“It’s a relief for both tour operators and pilgrims. We received a number of visa inquiries from Umrah on a daily basis, but we were powerless due to the quarantine rule. From now on, the number of Indian pilgrims for Umrah will increase, ”said Yusuf Ahmed Khereda of Al Khalid Tours and Travels, one of the first Indian tour operators to obtain a visa for Umrah after the pandemic.
“I am so excited to have obtained a visa for Umrah and I will be traveling to Saudi Arabia soon to pray in the holy mosques of Mecca and Medina and be at the mausoleum of the Holy Prophet,” said Imtiyaz Vilatra, head of country home business Posterscope. OOH.
Although Umrah is performed in Mecca, almost all pilgrims also go to Medina to pay homage to the Prophet Muhammad in his mausoleum.

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